What Does a Strata Manager or Body Corporate Manager do?

What Does a Strata Manager or Body Corporate Manager do?

The role of a strata manager is often not clearly understood.  At its simplest, a manager provides administrative services to give effect to the decisions of the owners corporation.

Matters which are visible to an owner include:

  • arranging for maintenance to be undertaken to common property
  • preparing the annual budget
  • preparing and distributing notice of annual general meeting and possibly special general meetings
  • attending general meetings, producing and distributing minutes
  • issuing levy and fee notices
  • issuing Owners Corporation Certificates
  • receiving and responding to inquiries by email and telephone
  • conducting ballots of members.

Many other matters the undertaken by manager which members may not appreciate and include:

  • maintaining accounting records;
  • receiving and banking levies paid by members
  • paying invoices of service providers
  • maintaining and reconciling bank accounts
  • updating records on change of owner
  • attend to administration of insurance including:
    • obtaining quotations for cover
    • affecting renewal
    • receiving processing of claims lodged by members
    • arranging for rectification works including issuing works orders if the insurer does not instruct contractors to undertake reinstatement
    • paying contractors if not paid directly by the insurer
  • providing advice to committees, members of the owners corporation, representatives of owners such as property managers
  • undertaking committee ballots
  • maintain custody of records
  • arranging for valuation of property for which the scheme is required to insure
  • obtaining quotations for requested works
  • issue work order for approved works
  • provide general advice regarding procedure and obligations
  • arranges for the preparation and lodgement of business activity statements and income tax returns where required
  • prepares documents and information where an audit undertaken
  • monitoring fees owing by members and undertaking debt recovery
  • liaising with legal practitioners as required
  • instructing specialists such as engineers, building surveyors and architects.

It is important to note that the manager cannot and does not provide professional services such as legal, engineering, accounting, architectural, surveying or similar.  Suitable professionals must be engaged to undertake these activities if required.