As with any community an owners corporation requires rules to balance the obligations and rights of owners and occupiers of lots.

There are prescribed Model Rules which apply to all owners corporations addressing matters such as health, safety and security, behaviour such as noise, use and alteration of common property, and car parking amongst other matters.  Members are encouraged to be familiar with these rules. Download Model Rules

An owners corporation may make its own rules with approval by special resolution which is 75% of members are in favour.

Whilst the Model Rules provide a principled framework for behaviour and controls over common property, if an owners corporation make rules these will usually be specific to cater for the particular needs of a property, such as regulating the use of a swimming pool.

If an owners corporation make rules, and a particular rule does not cover a matter in the Model Rules that part of the Model Rules applies.

Rules usually do not operate retrospectively and to be effective must be lodged with the Registrar of Titles and there will be a notation to this effect on the plan of subdivision.

Rules cannot be discriminatory nor contravene any legislation which affects the owners corporation.