Obligations of Members

Obligations of Members

In addition to paying fees and charges, and observing the rules members have an number of other obligations including the following

A member is required:

  • to maintain their lot in a state of good and serviceable repair to the extent it affects common property or lots including the outward appearance to the lot;
  • to maintain any service that serves the lot exclusively;
  • advise the owners corporation of any change of address;
  • not neglect or cause damage or deterioration to the common property.
  • to advise the owners corporation of a change to the use of a lot if this would alter the premium payable for insurance held by the owners corporation

An owner undertaking work to a lot must:

  • advise of renovations which will affect other lots or common property;
  • advise if seeking a planning or building permit for a lot;
  • seek prior written approval for any change affecting the external appearance of the lot.