Good committees assist in the smooth operation of an owners corporation and benefit all members

Good committees assist in the smooth operation of an owners corporation and benefit all members

A committee:

  • is appointed at the annual general meeting
  • is required to be elected if the owners corporation affects more than 13 lots;
  • may be elected if there are less than 13 lots and this is strongly recommended;
  • consists of between three and 12 members;
  • may only have one member from any one lot;
  • elects a chairman and secretary;
  • is generally able to make decisions regarding powers delegated to it which is generally those requiring an ordinary resolution;
  • cannot exercise the power requiring a special or unanimous resolution or any matter which has not been delegated to the committee.

Most matters which come to the manager’s attention are referred to the committee for its consideration and instruction.

Committee members are volunteers who at times are required to deal with complex issues making decisions in the interests of all owners.  Owners should respect the efforts of committee members and not make unreasonable demands or personal attack.

Members may be a lot owner or a proxy of a lot owner provided the lot owner consents to the appointment.

A member or their proxy may nominate verbally if at the meeting or in writing if not present.  Verbal notification to another member or the manager is not sufficient for a valid nomination.

A member or proxy for an owner who is in arrears on the date of election is not eligible for nomination to the committee.

If a committee is not appointed, an owner must be elected as chairperson of the owners corporation.

A committee member is required to:

  • act honestly and in good faith
  • exercise due care and diligence
  • not make improper use of their position as a committee member to gain a direct or indirect advantage or benefit for themselves or any other person

Decisions may be made at a committee meeting or ballot.  The quorum for a meeting is 50% of committee members.