Changes to Owners Corporations Act 2006

Changes to Owners Corporations Act 2006

Meetings and Ballots

The quorum for a general meeting is now 50% of the number of lots, not votes, affected by the Owners Corporation. This applies to general meetings and ballots.

A person appointed as proxy for more than one lot owner have limits on their voting power:

  • for less than 20 occupiable lots, the proxy holder may only vote in respect of one proxy held; or
  • for more than 20 occupiable lots, the proxy holder may not exercise a vote for more than 5% of the lot owners;
  • except if the appointing lot owners and proxy holder are members of the same family.

Where no member or proxy of a member, attend a general meeting the manager may pass interim resolutions other than resolutions:

  • affecting the contract of appointment of the manager;
  • requiring expenditure greater than 10% of the annual budget;
  • increasing the annual budget more than 10% of the previous budget.

By resolution the owners corporation may exclude or modify these powers.

Each lot has one vote at a general meeting or a ballot of members.

A ballot may close in less than 14 days if it is for an urgent matter.

There is now additional basis for an interim special resolution which is passed if:

  • there is a quorum at the general meeting;
  • there are no votes against the special resolution.